A New Reality

COVID-19 took the world by storm. New ways of carrying out school, business and life have been quickly adopted. For an organization that exists to level the playing field in the classroom by ensuring that kids in need have the tools to succeed in school, we’ve had to pivot – as so many organizations have.

Our teacher free store (normally available to teachers at schools where 60%+ of the students benefit from the free and reduced lunch program) closed on Monday, March 16. But there is still great need in our region. Even though kids are not in classrooms, they are still learning from a distance through the efforts of dedicated teachers.

In the first month of the new distance learning reality, Crayons provided 52 schools (including Cincinnati Public Schools’ central distribution site) with supplies of 70 different items valued at more than $239,000. We plan to continue to help as much as we can for as long as we can.

COVID-19 has also resulted in the postponement of our annual fundraising event. While we do not expect it to be a total loss, the transition to a virtual event is new and we do not know what to expect! Further, we have canceled two of our introductory tours and will no longer benefit from Rhinegeist’s Charitable Suds “event” (and other similar events) as bars and other establishments have been closed.

Much has changed, but Crayons to Computers will work hard to continue to support the teachers and students of our region. Learning must go on – and we are here to help!

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