Future Without Poverty Ambassadors working on projects to rebuild Haiti

Several of our ambassadors are working on plans to bring jobs and micro enterprises to Haiti in the wake of the worst disaster in Haiti’s history. Prior to the earthquake we were working on plans to build a school and chicken farm in Haiti. The school project would bring the opportunity for students to study indoors by building the first school in this Haitian community. The plans for the school are now on hold and the building will now be delayed by several months. Some of the funds that were raised to build the school are now being used for emergency relief in Haiti. We are asking for donations to replace the $20,000that was previously raised for this project (now being used for emergency relief).

The chicken farm had a commitment of $150,000 to purchase the land and to begin the building of the farm. The funds were going to be used to purchase about 3.5 acres outside of Port Au Prince and to begin a chicken cooperative. Once the main farm is in place then we would find other farmers in Haiti that would replicate the farm and be able to produce eggs and chicken for the local markets. In this way we would be creating jobs and helping to produce locally grown protein. Once the current troubles have passed we will be able to begin implementing the plan. The original plan was to begin building the farm in January 2010. We are very fortunate that we had not already started the project. Now the project is needed more than ever.

If you are able to help with our rebuild Haiti projects please send a donation to the FWOP Build Haiti Fund. We need to raise $170,000 for these two projects. We will begin construction as soon as we can finalize the details on the ground for the materials and workers.

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