Kamp Dovetail 2020 Cancelled

With the safety and well being of every camper and volunteer in mind, the SATH  (Supplementary to the Handicapped) Board of Directors has made the very difficult decision to cancel KAMP DOVETAIL for this year.

The COVID 19 virus and it’s possible lingering effects necessitated this heartbreaking decision.   Many of our campers and some of our volunteers are at a higher risk due to various health conditions. The Board simply cannot jeopardize the health of any kamper or volunteer.  The SATH Board feels the protection and safety of every child and adult who attend is their most important responsibility.

In addition, KAMP DOVETAIL requires several months of planning and preparation. Volunteer Trainings,  KAMPer Registration, Fundraising events and soliciting for donations are just some of the pre-KAMP preparations needed to make KAMP happen.  The impact of the quarantine has already pushed our timeline to the limit and a decision had to be made.

We fully expect to have KAMP Dovetail next year and we look forward to an even bigger and better year of KAMP in 2021.  We hope we can count on your continued support as we move forward with plans for the future.

We will miss our special Kampers who bring so much joy into our lives and we will strive with next year’s KAMP Dovetail Allstars to “hit it out of the park”!


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