Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in the USA

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The Universal Human Rights Inauguration Ball (1.20.21) is based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the current human rights review of the USA and the change to be brought about by the Biden Harris administration. We do this as part of the UN Universal Periodic Review (#UNUPR) of the USA that started 11.9.20. The US State Dept. responded to our proposal on 11.12.20. We build our Public Private Partnership (P3) solution, in part, on the over $194B in established bank based community benefit agreements in our national coalition has in place today.

Building on our above work, we will on the Biden Harris Inauguration MLK Day of Service detail from 2pm to 10pm EST the global components of the $30T superset of the United Nations Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Financing for Development (FfD) based Plan created by Friends of the African Union (FAU). It was presented to the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent (#WGEPAD) on Dec 4th 2020 as a Public Private Partnership with the US Government (http://www.friendsoftheafricanunion.com).

With a focus on –

2pm to 3pm State Department and the $6T Black Folks Plan

3pm to 4pm We the People, the trillion dollar social service component of the Black Folks Plan

4pm to 5pm the 61m Americans with Disabilities as part of the worlds 1B People with Disabilities

5pm to 6pm the 2 trillion dollar plan for Americas women who are bringing their plan to the UN Commision on the Status on Women in March

6pm to 6:30pm The Trillion Dollar Indigenous Peoples Plan to solve America’s first great sin – taking the land from those who are Native Americans. We build on our 2016 submission of #IndigenousPeoplesPlan during the second cycle of Universal Periodic Review of human rights in the Obama Biden Era.

6:30pm to 7pm Discussion of the FAU America’s Farmers $500B Plan of Action. A plan that addresses America’s historical legacy to Black Farmers as Pickford III.

7pm to 7:30pm Erasing the Digital with a peoples plan to use 5G to address injustice and inequality.

7:30pm to 8pm the Black Folks Plan $2T Affordable FAUsmartWISE home building program based on the historic work done Hamilton County, Ohio that addresses America’s historical legacy as we did last year in our global human rights work since the historic Juneteenth of 2019 when the late Commissioner Todd Portune led all three then Commissioners of Hamilton County Ohio (Todd Portune, Stephanie Summerow Dumas and current Commission President Denise Driehaus) to issue a proclamation that said, “….BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of County Commissioners of Hamilton County Ohio does hereby today and everyday, recommit ourselves to defending the self-evident truth, boldly declared by our Founding Fathers, that all people are created equal. We as leadership of the county recognize that although we may be created equal that Americans of African heritage have faced a flawed citizenship since it was granted in 1868 with institutionalized and systematic racism by government and the private sector. We are committed to addressing any legacy institutionalized and systematic racism by the county government.”

We pledged last uear on the International Day of Human Rights to continuue to address the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of African slavery in the USA between 1789 & 1865 and progenitor 13 British colonies (that became the USA) between 1619 and 1789 with a work that will address the damage incurred by past & current county level government racism against Africans in the U.S.A. from 1862 to 1868 and African Americans from 1868 to 2019.
8pm to 9pm How the Biden Administrate actions can pass the #BlackFolksPlan as an executive order without congressional approval needed based on the $10T plus authority granted and unused of the Obama Biden era.

9pm to 10pm The Black Folks Plan to address injustice and inequality in public safety with the BlackFolksPlan.org #BlackandBlue Public Safety Plan with the Urban Hood Nation, the FAUsmartWISE’s MLK faith based coalition led by KOKUMC Black Methodists for Church Renewal Chapter and the newly established African Caucuses of Methodists along with Chapter #0068 and the Ohio Command of the National Association of Black Veterans (NABVETS).

From that work on the Biden Harris MLK Day of Service what we propose is that we create a 100 Day Black Folks Plan Study Group that is coordinated by the African Diaspora Directorates (AfDiDi.org) Secretariat.

Its mission is to study (1) federal executive order based government as proposed by the Black Folks Plan (2) A $30T Financing for Development superset using the Daniels IDIQ (3) using the reconciliation legislative process of the United States Congress that expedites the passage of certain budgetary legislation with its greatest change in the United States Senate with passage by a simple majority. Reconciliation bills can be passed on spending, revenue, and the federal debt limit ( NOTE: The Black Folks Plan and the Daniels IDIQ does not increases the US Government Debt), and the Senate can pass one bill per year affecting each subject. This congress can thus pass a maximum of three reconciliation bills per year i.e. spending, revenue, and the federal debt limit. (4) stimulus budgets that add to the USA debt such as the Biden Harris $1.9T proposal, and (5) leveraging private sector community benefit agreements like the $194B in federal reserve bank based community benefit agreements created with members of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition members such as Friends of the African Union and the African Diaspora Directorate.

Starting at the Universal Human Rights Inauguration Ball (1.20.21) it will have completed its work by April 30th 2021.

Under the Black Folks Plan, the President can enter into a Public-Private Partnership (P3) through the State Department and Treasury that would let him create new off-the-books equity, without more American debt, that would restore American global leadership from 2021 through 2095. We do this work based on the human rights review being conducted of the United States by the United Nations that started 11.9.20. We submitted the proposed P3 framework on that day and on 11.12.20 the State Department sent back how they wanted us to reply to our Unsolicited Proposal for a solution to the plight of black folk in the USA. We (BlackFolksPlan.org) do this work based on $194B (1.6.20) in the already established bank based community reinvestment agreements since 2016.
We do that through AfDiDi because it is already on record with the federal government and the United Nation as to the implementation of such a solution. Also, its, AfDiDi, delegation to the UN in various meeting by April 30th 2021 allow us to coordinate with the world as a joint venture with 2 partners who hold United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Consultative status.

The Economic and Social Council is at the heart of the United Nations system to advance the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. It is the central platform for fostering debate and innovative thinking, forging consensus on ways forward, and coordinating efforts to achieve internationally agreed goals. It is also responsible for the follow-up to major UN conferences and summits.

The UN Charter established ECOSOC in 1945 as one of the six main organs of the United Nations.

Consultative status provides NGOs with access to not only ECOSOC, but also to its many subsidiary bodies, to the various human rights mechanisms of the United Nations, ad-hoc processes on small arms, as well as special events organized by the President of the General Assembly.

Currently, 4,045 NGOs enjoy consultative status with ECOSOC. ECOSOC accreditation is separate and distinct from NGOs who are associated the UN Department of Public Information (DPI).


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