Multiple events Canceled – Huge Hit to our Mission

As we near the end of our fiscal year and our commitment to KV PEACe, we wonder how we will be able to fulfill our goal. The Kindervelt Psychiatric Assessment Center (KV PEACe) isa pioneering psychiatric emergency unit,asix-room triage center tailored for children in mental distress. It also supports a comprehensive team of registered nurses, specialists, and patient care assistants.

So many events have been postponed or cancelled including multiple bake sales at Cincinnati Children’s. Our entire organization is all volunteers, doing what we can for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  It is difficult to comprehend the loss of impact.  Writing this makes me realize we have hundreds, if not thousands, of hours lost.  Further, we estimate that we’ll miss our funds raised expectations by 20%, or at least $100,000.

Our annual meeting is in May and that is also on hold.

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