Needing to stop our normal host rotations for the families

Starting this Sunday, March 15th, half of our families will be directed to Grace Place and will remain there, 24/7, through April 4th. IHNGC staff will be operating out of that location to provide continued services. Families that are at higher risk of illness are being directed here first where some level of social isolation and distancing can be observed.

The other half of our families will go to one our traditional host partners that will do their own internal planning around volunteer staffing, cleaning, and other processes to minimize risk. These families will come to the Day Center as usual, during daytime hours, where we are also observing new cleaning procedures and other precautions.

Beginning Sunday, March 22nd, host rotations will stop. Half of the families will continue to stay at Grace Place and the other half will go to a second, stationary site through April 4th.

Congregations directly impacted—and who will not be hosting at their locations as a result of this plan—include Our Lady of the Rosary, Hyde Park Community UMC, Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, St. Tim’s at Comboni Mission, and Ihsan Community.

We are asking these congregations, as well as those of you not affected that want to be helpful, to coordinate with Meghan to continue to provide meals by dropping off food supplies and prepared meals at one of the stationary sites. (Both are located in College Hill). To sign up to help with meals, contact Meghan at [email protected].
This operational change, while necessary, also means IHNGC will be incurring increased and unbudgeted staffing, food, and supply costs. This would be a great time to make an extra donation by sending a check.

Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Target gift cards would also be a great way to help. We can use those not only to buy needed supplies, but can offer them to families we work with in the community who will be dealing with having children home for an increased number of meals, or may be missing work shifts.

Normal host rotations will resume Sunday, April 5th. If that needs to change for some reason, we will send additional updates.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Executive Director

Follow this link to donate on-line. Thank you…/ihncinc…/donation.jsp…&

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