Opening Day: More Than Just 10%

Every year, Give Back Cincinnati has hosted Opening Day on the Square.  During sunshine, rain, and even snow, we’ve been thrilled to host this wonderful celebration of all things Cincinnati.  Our all-volunteer team spends months planning and coordinating to throw an unforgettable parade viewing party on Fountain Square.

Last year’s Opening Day accounted for more than 10% of our annual budget and allowed us to host our 24+ volunteer events engaging young professionals in Cincinnati’s philanthropic spirit.  COVID-19 changed everything.  With our events on hold and Opening Day postponed indefinitely, we feel lost.  Our unique group of Young Professionals is at home wondering what comes next.  We already need to account for a 10% smaller budget, when will we be able to deliver on our mission?  How will this impact our marquee events with more than 1000 volunteers?  How can our members continue to help the community?  Right now the questions are growing and there are no answers.

We believe that you’re not helpless and we’re not hopeless.  We stand together with Cincinnati Cares and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to continue to make this community a better place, especially in its time of need.

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