Postponed Spring 2020 Season

Due to COVID-19, Burning River Baroque postponed their entire spring season “Witches: Revered and Reviled.” This necessary decision has impacted the organization significantly in terms of personnel, lost revenue, and uncertainty about the upcoming season.

  • Personnel: Postponing our spring 2020 season prevented us from continuing with our strategic plan of recruiting a permanent board treasurer as well as a new board member. These positions have been open, and we had planned to do a lot of work recruiting new board members during our performances in seven different venues this spring. Without these performances, we were not able to connect with our community in ways that would allow us to fill these positions. A board treasurer and working board members are critical to the longevity of any nonprofit.
  • Lost revenue: We lost a significant amount of revenue this spring from 1) advertising fees paid before the season was postponed 2) lost concert contracts and 3) loss in personal donors
  • Uncertain Future: Like most arts organizations, we are looking to the future and striving to plan ways that we can continue to bring meaningful art to Cleveland and beyond. Due to the uncertainty of the economy, many foundations (which is where most of our funding comes from) have indicated that they will not be accepting applications for the upcoming grant cycle. Without funding to pay our artists, our future as an organization is in jeopardy.

For now, enjoy this performance from Fall 2018 of Burning River Baroque performing Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre’s “Susanne” as part of their program Destructive Desires.

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