Pro Bono open for business, but faces own challenges

Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio is open for business.
These are confusing times. News changing every minute, kids home from school, businesses struggling to remain open, and jobs on the line. Many of our fellow nonprofits are doing their best to figure out how to maintain their services so seniors get their medications and children are not going without lunch, while also keeping their staff safe and healthy. Too much for anyone to take on alone.
We are committed to doing our best to ensure service excellence during this time.
With the recent rapid changes to our social environment and federal and state regulations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, PBPO quickly mobilized our small staff to prepare for what we knew would be a challenging time for our nonprofit community.
In our first few weeks of responding to COVID-19, PBPO has taken the following additional steps to educate and assist local agencies:
  1. Established an Employment Helpline for Rapid COVID-19 Response offering 30-minute consultations with attorneys to handle the significant increase in questions from our nonprofit clients;
  2. Published multiple, timely Legal Alerts updating nonprofits about the CARES Act, role of board governance in times of crisis, changes in contract and labor regulations, and much more;
  3. Co-hosted a free webinar with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati focusing on emerging COVID-19 legal issues for nonprofit employers;
  4. Partnered with UWGC and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation on their collaborative COVID-19 Regional Response; and
  5. Created a designated page on our website with updated legal resources for nonprofits relating to COVID-19.
This additional work has been done while maintaining our existing programming which already filled our plates. We do not see the needs of nonprofits diminishing anytime soon. In fact, as budgets tighten and struggles in our community deepen, the nonprofits’ need for legal guidance will only increase. PBPO will strive to continue to adjust and expand our services to meet the needs of our nonprofit clients, while reaching out to community partners to ensure we are complementing their work, and together, maximizing impact.
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