Programming Cancelled for Members

Like so many, our weekly core programming and services has been cancelled due to COVID-19. The Turn inspires hope and enhances the physical health of those with physical disabilities,  but we also have a major impact on the mental well-being of our members.  This challenging time is especially difficult for many of our members who are immune compromised and cannot leave their homes.  We are working hard to carefully and safely bring back programming for our Members. Your support at this time is vital to the sustainability of The Turn.

Learn more about the impact of The Turn of one of our members.

Frank’s world turned upside down after a visit to Cleveland to visit his son. An avid golfer and dedicated to serving people with disabilities his whole life, Frank now found himself with both legs amputated below the knee after some serious health issues.  “I worked with kids and adults with disabilities for over 30 years. It’s humbling to lose both my legs.”

Now living in Cleveland, Frank found himself depressed with a lack of desire to do anything. After watching a short story on the local news station that featured The Turn, he decided to give them a call and it was a game changer for Frank. “The Turn pulled me out of my doldrums and motivated me to try new things.” Not only has The Turn helped with Frank’s physical fitness but it has brought him back to the game he loves and is now motivated to try new things. View the news segment about The Turn here- The Turn on News Channel 5.

Since the pandemic started and programming had to be cancelled, Frank is grateful for online socials and hopes to start attending weekly programming soon at The Turn. “It gets me up in the morning. I can’t thank The Turn enough. They have turned my life around.”


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