Technicians of all skill levels, Assist a Technician, Fundraising, Social Media, Office Work

Volunteers can specify projects or areas that they are especially interested in. We are always looking for volunteers to assist us with marketing, social media, website updates, public art projects, exhibitions, the gift shop, teen afterschool program mentors, artist assistants for studio projects and programs, as well as general organization and maintenance of the space.…

Volunteer opportunities include packing care kits, writing affirmations, card writing, and envelop labeling and stuffing. We also need ethnic-friendly hygiene items to support our diverse community.

Volunteers would engage with students, provide guidance, share experiences, and foster a positive and supportive environment. Mentoring occurs one-on-one, in groups, or in classroom settings.

Assist with watering, weeding, planting, and harvesting as needed. To keep pathways clean and clear of debris. A basic knowledge of plant care and the use of gardening tools.

We are seeking virtual volunteers to research and improve Nonprofits’ online presence. You can do this volunteering from the comfort of your own home! A great online profile will help nonprofits connect with more volunteers so they can deliver much-needed services to their communities. This work involves a little research, a little creativity, and a…

Our CSFP Senior Box Program serves over 1,000 seniors each month. Income-eligible seniors are provided with a monthly, shelf-stable food box with items tailored to their needs. Volunteers help pack these boxes.

Sherpas are not taking someone on hike, you are hiking with that person. Sherpas are part of a team that helps hikers using a Rosie or possibly hiking on foot. Training is offered throughout the year (in person and virtually) and volunteers are required to attend at least one session per year, unless otherwise indicated.

Our volunteers in the PeerMentor program meet with teenagers through LifeSmart to offer them support, guidance, encouragement, and the ability to share experiences together. This can help provide teenagers who come from underprivileged communities the help they may need, as a friend. We are looking for volunteer mentors who are 12-22 years old and have…

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