Ombudsman Associates, are certified volunteers, who are the regular presence in our facilities. Regular presence means visiting facilities, speaking with residents about their dignity & care, and finally sharing that information with the case handling Ombudsman Specialists.

Sherpas are not taking someone on hike, you are hiking with that person. Sherpas are part of a team that helps hikers using a Rosie or possibly hiking on foot. Training is offered throughout the year (in person and virtually) and volunteers are required to attend at least one session per year, unless otherwise indicated.

Hold a hand, share a story; Listen, read, or sing; Listen, read, or sing; Run errands; Play a game, bake or garden; Provide administrative support. To become a volunteer, all you need is a compassionate heart. Our volunteer training will teach you everything you need to know to be a companion for someone during their…

There are some things only a soldier understands. If you’re a veteran looking for a way to give back, we offer veteran-to-veteran volunteer opportunities that enable you to support a fellow soldier through perhaps the most difficult time in their lives.

Opportunities range from helping with administrative tasks, preparing materials, planning events, to staffing information tables and facilitating classes and support groups.

We connect our student with someone who can relate: a former college graduate who can share life experiences and give advice on successfully transitioning into college life. Coaches should have graduated college in the last 10 – 15 years and be able to support and guide students transitioning to college. Experience as a first-generation student…

We connect students with leaders in fields related to their majors – professionals who are well networked and adept at providing industry insights. Coaches should be college graduate well established in profession (10+ years industry experience) and be well networked and able to provide insights and connections in students field of study.

SGM Hospital Comfort Team volunteers are the heart of SGM. Servant-hearts called to come alongside grieving mothers and fathers in their darkest moments to shine the light of hope and love in unlikely places. SGM Comfort Companions, SGM Comfort Doulas, and SGM Remembrance Photographers have the unique opportunity to stand on the sacred ground where…

Minister to women and men of all ages facing the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. Conduct client intake to determine physical and spiritual needs and to assist in the decision-making process. Provide male and female clients with ongoing support and guidance in parenting.

Use your professional skills to minister to our clients. This area of ministry requires sonographers, nurses, and physicians who are willing to volunteer their expertise.

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