Helping out at events, planning events, and contacting potential donors and event partners.

Help with Event Ticketing, Event Ushering and Cleaning Projects.

Participate, inform, and advocate for Multiple Sclerosis.

Help out at the walks, bike events, Muck Fest, and more.

We are always looking to grow our BDK Army of Volunteers! Contact us if you would like to lend a hand with us!

Our volunteers are encouraged to host small gatherings that introduce others to the important work we do at IRLC. We are here to support you as the host, and provide any help with organizing and facilitating the event. In addition to in-person events, virtual events help increase our visibility by introducing others to the important…

Through corporate initiatives and give-back programs, PRG is fortunate to have support in all of our regions. Find out how we can help you set up your own peer-to-peer giving event!

PRG has several annual events and is always providing new ways to support our clients. From Community Nights to 5Ks, you can support as an attendee or sign up to be notified when volunteers are needed in your area!

The next time you’re shopping, pick up an extra box of trash bags for us! Beyond food, we also need many of the household items you buy for your home. Here is a list of items we need help purchasing: Trash Bags (35 to 55 gallon size), Ziplock bags (large quart size and sandwich size),…

You can also support us by holding a fundraiser or food drive! All of our money and food is privately donated, we do not receive any assistance form any government agency. Every little bit is appreciated. From the corner lemonade stand to large canned food drives, we cannot help those in need without your help.…

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