We often need volunteers to help move materials, set up equipment for field trips, guide students between activities, help get life jacket on, or put canoes on the boat trailer. No matter what the task, you will be part of something fun and will be thanked by excited, smiling kids.

Participate, inform, and advocate for Multiple Sclerosis.

Whether your talents are weeding and pulling bushes (like in our men’s house shown), teaching life skills, or sharing your favorite hobby, we can use your unique gift!

We are always looking to grow our BDK Army of Volunteers! Contact us if you would like to lend a hand with us!

PRG has several annual events and is always providing new ways to support our clients. From Community Nights to 5Ks, you can support as an attendee or sign up to be notified when volunteers are needed in your area!

If you have a special talent such as a construction, yard work, or cleaning, please let us know and as we always need help beyond dinner time.

​Computer/IT, fundraising, marketing, clerical, organizational projects, teaching groups, running fun activities, maintenance for auto or building, filing, food donations, and/or monetary donations.

Pick up donated clothing from various locations and deliver it, when we are open, to our facility.

Help maintain the landscaping of around the Tavern.

Help transport dogs in danger of euthanasia in pounds and shelters to volunteer foster homes.

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