We got Your Back

Students and alumni have been reaching out to their Towards Employment career coaches.  Over and over again, we hear “I need to talk to someone I can trust.” LB called to think through her next steps.  She is 65 years old and a graduate of Towards Employment currently employed at an area hospital. Four weeks ago she took time off from her work “on the front lines of the pandemic”  to care for her granddaughter whose mother is an essential worker at a grocery store and cannot afford or find childcare. She has used all her PTO, and is choosing not to return to her job because, in addition to being the sole caregiver for her granddaughter, she is extremely anxious about her own health. She is struggling to pay household expenses, keep utilities connected (her water was disconnected) and food on the table. She was able to receive #GiveTogetherNow funding through Towards Employment; and is in regular contact with her career coach to determine what resources she qualifies for right now; and to plan for her career post-COVID-19.  “I just need to know that someone’s got my back.”

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