Adaptive Recreation for Adutls w/Disabilties Goes Virutal!

LEAP’s mission is to eliminate barriers which prevent persons with disabilities from fully participating in their community – including recreation.  For many adults with development disabilities, loneliness is not uncommon, and with Covid-19 keeping persons at home or in a facility, that sense of isolation can be exacerbated.


LEAP’s Quantum LEAP program was created for adults with developmental disabilities to engage in their community through fun, safe recreational activities.  These activities also allow them to improve their social skills and their physical and mental health.


LEAP has transitioned some of those activities online. Our long-time (and amazing) aerobic teacher, Alicia, is now running her aerobics class virtually.  She has even added a chair workout session!  She brings a tone of enthusiasm to each activity which the participants look forward to every week.


If you would like to help break the isolation for persons with disabilities, learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

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