BLOC Ministries | 40 Staff | 21 Programs | 6 Businesses & Job Training Sites Impacted | 1 God

BLOC Ministries builds relationships with our neighbors and shares hope in brokenness. We live where we serve. We are a movement, not an institution. We love others at all costs.

For 22 years, the heart of BLOC Ministries centers on community & neighborhood transformation and impacting lifelong change.  We work one-to-one with children & students, women, men, and families to break negative cycles in their lives – poverty, addiction, crime, violence, homelessness, sex trafficking, abuse, school failure, joblessness, insufficient life skills and hopelessness. BLOC stands for ‘Believing (and) Living One Christ” – we are hope-builders and change-bringers through Christ.

Right now, there are no known COVID-19 cases among our staff or those we serve, but all precautions are being taken.  Many of our programs serving women and children are deeply impacted including loss of volunteers and reduced giving.  Visit to volunteer, participate via Zoom video calls, and to donate!  Or, contact Warner Allen, Director of Public Relations, Development & Strategy at 859.466.5467 or [email protected].  

Please Pray.  Please Donate.  Please Love.

We take great pride in sharing that “We Are A Movement, Not An Institution” and we are recognized as a renowned organization in that all of our programs’ staff and leaders live where we serve. That’s right! We live, work and play in the very same neighborhoods where we serve our neighbors through programs and services that impact community and change lives. BLOC Ministries owns over 35 properties, many of which are free housing for our staff who lead these important street, faith and community programs.
We are not a community center. We are a “center of community”. We have 5 distinct and unique social enterprise urban businesses known as BLOC Industries where the very men, women and young adults we serve learn important job skills and get onsite training and employment through our Woodshop, Screen Print T-Shirt Shop, 2 BLOC Coffee Company shops (Price Hill & City Hall), Cincinnati Type & Print Museum/Redeemed Letterpress and the infamous Teaching Kitchen and our Special Events & Catering business. These industries both train our neighbors for their next job or career opportunity while making high-quality local products that are sold for use–serving as a source of stable sustainability for our own BLOC Ministries’ programs and services. We believe in being innovative and creative in how we build our funds and share our success with our donors!
Our mentoring one-to-one approach builds life-long relationship with individuals and offers no one-step, 8-week program where staff leave every day at 5 p.m. We are in the trenches for the long haul 24/7. This is our life. These are our neighbors. We do laundry, grocery shopping and babysitting for each other. We live, laugh, pray and cry in shared responsibility. We treat those we serve no less than we treat our own families. We strive to be Christ’s hope in brokenness. We are BLOC.
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