Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to inspire and empower people and organizations to strengthen and improve their community and themselves.

Our mission is to honor and remember those that gave their lives in law enforcement, fire/ems, and military as well as support the families they left behind. We also provide lifesaving equipment to first responders across the Ohio, Indiana & Kentucky region we serve.

Africa Fire Mission is committed to increasing the sustainable capacity of fire departments in developing communities. We accomplish this through training, empowerment, support, and encouragement.

We are a nonprofit seeking to weave community in Norwood by providing relational social services, connecting with marginalized residents, fostering collaboration among nonprofits and churches, and incubating local nonprofit initiatives.

The Northside Community Council is a volunteer, community-based organization that provides an opportunity for all individuals and groups in the community to participate in Northside’s present and to chart Northside’s future. As such, it is committed to bringing people of diverse backgrounds and opinions together in an atmosphere that fosters cooperation and communication.

To transform the lives and economic conditions of the less fortunate through Health, Opportunity, Pure Water, and Education.

We exist to engage, energize and connect our community with the highest quality performances of great choral music.

To provide quality performing arts programs in support of arts education, literacy, community development and engagement, encouraging multicultural awareness and understanding.

To make downtown Dayton a better place to live, work, and visit. Working with downtown property owners, businesses and residents, we provide strategic planning, business development and marketing services to grow and strengthen our downtown.

SoLoved exists to transform our community by meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people that we serve through outreach, support, empowerment and resources.

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