Preparing Adults To Find Meaningful Employment

As Ohio begins to slowly reopen businesses in a safe environment, LEAP is working hard to provide work experiences and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.


Our Employment Specialists assist adult consumers to find meaningful employment. They touch base with their clients each week to give direction on how to do an Internet job search and to help them practice interviewing techniques, write resumes, and apply for jobs for those they find.


In addition, some of their time is spent just talking to their consumers during this quarantine to help them relax and understand what is happening in the world around them. Many persons with disabilities feel isolated, particularly during this confusing time in lock-down.  Sometimes simply reaching out to find out how they are doing can help their physical and mental health.


However, our specialists need the support of the business community, like Liberty Ford in Aurora, more than ever right now.  Some of LEAP’s adult and high school consumers are looking for real-world work experience to help them build out their resume and develop new job skills. Businesses do not ‘go alone’ but work with a LEAP Job Coach to ensure everyone has a great experience. Find out how to help.

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